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Cell Reveal  Series

cr6_工作區域 1.png


W29cm H55cm D60cm

❖ 操作簡單; 啟動過程後無需用戶監督。
❖ 消除交叉污染; 該系統配備了自動化機械手臂和一次性耗材。
❖ 使用微流體通道進行染色,減少試劑使用量。
❖ 配備廢液回收系統,自動將廢液收集到廢液容器中。
„ 異常自動警報,及時指示正確的安裝步驟,確保實驗的連續性和可靠性。

❖Users can design their own combinations of biomarkers.
❖Easy operation; no need for user’s supervision after starting the process.
❖Eliminates cross-contamination; the system is equipped with an automated robotic arm and disposable consumables.
❖Staining is performed using microfluidic channels, reducing reagent usage.
❖Equipped with a waste liquid recycling system, automatically collecting waste liquids in a waste container.
❖Automatic anomaly alerts, promptly indicating correct installation steps to ensure experiment continuity and reliability.



V-Bio chip生物晶片, 可從複雜檢測樣品中擷取高純度目標細胞,提升分子分析實驗準確性。

V-Bio chip can extract high-purity target cells from complex test samples to improve the accuracy of molecular analysis experiments.

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