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7. 台灣醫療科技展12/2盛大開幕!
Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition grand opening on 12/2








展覽時間 - 2021.12.02(四)–12.05(日)


The Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition is the sixth largest international convention and exhibition in Taiwan. It attracts the World Medical Association, international medical organizations, hospital associations and presidents from Asia-Pacific countries to Taiwan every year. It is an important venue for overseas and overseas participants to learn, replicate medical experience, and export wisdom.

The Ministry of Science and Technology is working hard to promote Taiwan's precision health industry, and CytoAurora Biotechnology will also exhibit at the Taiwan Medical Technology Exhibition together with the Instrument Center, the State Grid Center, and 7 outstanding medical material manufacturers to demonstrate "minimally invasive" technology to everyone. The innovative research, development, design and manufacturing capacity of medical materials in the fields of "medical materials" and "precision health" opened grandly on 12/2.

Finally, I would like to thank the organizers for their careful preparation. People and representatives from all walks of life have the opportunity to gather and communicate. We sincerely welcome everyone to visit and see the energy and future of precision medicine with " CytoAurora ", "Taiwan" and "the world".

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