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5. 第一屆液態切片研討會活動成功舉行!
The first Liquid Slicing Seminar was successfully held!


由臺安醫院及台灣精準醫學學會TPMS共同主辦的第一屆液態切片研討會,日前於臺安醫院圓滿落幕。本公司-醫華生技CEO 黃忠諤博士也榮幸獲邀參加,並邀請到阮綜合醫院內科部副主任 王嗣仁醫師,發表利用醫華生技最先進的“循環腫瘤(CTC)檢測技術”,在肝癌治療效果追蹤應用的最新臨床實驗結果。

最後也再次感謝主辦方臺安醫院的精心準備,以及臺安醫院院長 黃暉庭、衛生福利部醫事司司長 劉越萍、振興醫院教研副院長 葉明陽、臺大癌醫院院長 楊志新、臺北醫學大學附設醫院副院長 李冠德、臺安醫院資深行政副院長 周輝政等多位主講者帶來精彩的議題演講,為所有與會嘉賓拓展了更廣闊的視野,期待未來還有機會與各界專業人士及醫療產業代表一同交流學習。

The first Liquid Slice Seminar, co-sponsored by Taiwan Adventist Hospital and Taiwan Precision Medicine Society TPMS, recently concluded successfully at Taiwan Adventist Hospital. Our company - Dr. Huang Chung-Er, CEO of CytoAurora Biotechnology, was also honored to be invited to participate, and invited Dr. Wang Siren, deputy director of the Internal Medicine Department of Nguyen General Hospital, to present the use of Yihua Biotech's most advanced "Circulating Tumor (CTC) Detection Technology" in liver cancer. Latest clinical trial results for treatment effectiveness tracking applications.

Finally, I would like to thank the organizer Taian Adventist Hospital again for its careful preparation, as well as Director Huang Huiting of Taian Adventist Hospital, Director of the Medical Affairs Department of the Ministry of Health and Welfare Liu Yueping, Vice President of Teaching and Research Ye Mingyang of Chen Hsing Hospital, President Yang Zhixin of National Taiwan University Cancer Hospital, Taipei Medical University Affiliated Hospital Many keynote speakers, including Vice President Li Guande and Senior Vice President of Administration of Taiwan Adventist Hospital Zhou Huizheng, gave wonderful speeches on topics, which broadened the horizons of all participating guests. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet with professionals and representatives of the medical industry from all walks of life in the future. Exchange and learn together.

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