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4. 不起訴處分,司法還醫華創辦人公道
Instead of prosecution and punishment, justice will return justice to the founder of CytoAurora








CytoAurora Biotech’s statement:

Regarding the 2019 incident in which "cancer detection chips were revealed to have been stolen from prestigious American schools," after two years of judicial investigation, the case was finally dismissed without prosecution. The company explains as follows:

1. Regarding media reports at the time, Professor Zeng from UCLA in the United States stated in front of the media that CytoAurora Biotech was suspected of plagiarizing technology, which was obviously a serious deviation from the facts and had a great impact on the image of CytoAurora Biotech.

2. After nearly two years of investigation by the Hsinchu District Prosecutor’s Office, it was found that the facts were inconsistent with the contents of Professor Zeng’s commercial fraud complaint. Therefore, CytoAurora Biotech was officially sentenced this year to non-prosecution.

3. CytoAurora Biotechnology has been established for nearly six years. All patents and intellectual property rights are its own and cannot be smeared by malicious business. In order to protect its reputation, CytoAurora Biotechnology will also retain the right of legal recourse against Professor Zeng.

This time the District Attorney's Office decided not to prosecute. Dr. Huang Chung-Er, founder and CEO of CytoAurora Biotechnology, said that this was delayed justice and he thanked the judiciary for giving him justice. Upholding the company's responsibility to protect the people, CytoAurora Biotech will continue to work hard on the development of cancer detection platforms in the future, leveraging the advantages of Taiwan's semiconductors, 100% R&D and manufacturing in Taiwan, and combining special chips and AI technology to provide cutting-edge and accurate medical detection. Work together to promote the development of precision medicine in Taiwan.

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