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10. 馬來西亞台灣形象展
Taiwan Expo in Malaysia


馬來西亞臺灣形象展-Taiwan Expo in Malaysia

醫華生技在「中科創新智慧醫療主題館」的國際線上展覽平台(台灣形象展線上展),展出在台灣自主研發之精準健康產業的產品-微量細胞擷取儀(Cell Reveal)。



At the international online exhibition platform (Taiwan Image Exhibition Online Exhibition) of the "China Science and Technology Innovation Smart Medical Theme Pavilion", CytoAurora Biotechnology exhibited a product independently developed in Taiwan for the precision health industry - Cell Reveal ).

Fully automated single cell capture, A.I identification, non-invasive, providing fast, effective and safe cancer detection.

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