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World-leading core technology

Cytoaurora Biotechnology combines semiconductor, artificial intelligence and biomedicine and other cross-field technologies to develop its own patented technology. It is committed to the development of single-cell research and application platforms, and greatly improves the development of basic scientific research and clinical research.

Using semiconductor technology combined with single-cell technology, a fully automated system equipment has been developed to create a biomedical miracle

The blood detection chip developed by CytoAurora is based on Taiwan's semiconductor technology, combined with self-developed artificial intelligence software, and integrated molecular pathology technology to develop a world-leading cancer detection equipment, and has received full support from Taiwan's National Research Institute At present, it has cooperated with many major hospitals in Taiwan in the clinical IRB program, and the effect has been affirmed.


Molecular pathology

CytoAurora Biotechnology has abundant professional knowledge and experience in cell and molecular pathology and can provide high-quality instruments and equipment, biological reagents and chips, and related technical support. Our research team comprises experts in life sciences, biochemistry, and bioinformatics, capable of performing expert cell and molecular pathological analysis and detection.


We focus on cell and molecular pathology research and continue developing new technologies and methods to satisfy medical clinical pathology detection needs. Enumeration of circulating tumor cells (CTC) combined with profiling for molecular characterization is a bioassay designed using biomarkers specific to different cancers to provide important information about tumor characteristics, metastasis, and treatment response. Testing reagents ensure the quality and performance of their products by using high-quality raw materials and quality control standards.

CytoAurora Biotech cooperates with significant medical and research institutions to provide complete pathological testing and clinical application solutions.


Design and manufacture of semiconductor biochips

A semiconductor biochip is a biological detection technology that combines semiconductor process technology and physical principles. It can complete high-throughput biological experiments in a small space and quickly and accurately analyze and detect proteins, nucleic acids, cells, other biomolecules, cell structures, etc.

CytoAurora Biotechnology has a professional team to design and manufacture biochips, including experts in biochip design, semiconductor processes, physics, chemistry, biotechnology, and mechanical engineering. Among them,


CytoAurora Biotechnology has abundant experience and technical advantages in semiconductor process technology, can realize high-precision and high-reliability processing at the micro-nano scale, and has unique advantages in semiconductor substrates, functional materials, and chemical modification technologies.

Specialization in all aspects can provide the following advantages:

  • Semiconductor process experts are responsible for the design, development, and manufacture of chips

  • Biotechnology experts are accountable for designing and testing reagents and reactions for biological experiments

  • Chemists are responsible for material preparation and surface modification

  • Physics experts are liable for the design and optimization of microfluidic channel structures

  • Mechanical engineering experts are responsible for designing devices and machining


The team could also design and manufacture chips and microdevices required for biological experiments without using semiconductors as substrates.


AI Interpretation Software

CytoAurora Biotechnology's image recognition technology is applied to analyzing cell images. Through image processing and machine learning technology, it can accurately identify and analyze the characteristics and behavior of cells, thereby providing faster and more accurate diagnostic results.


Our team has skills including programming, algorithm design, image processing, data analysis, firmware development, and machine learning to develop image recognition software with accuracy and performance. The team is constantly optimizing and improving the algorithm to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the model. In addition, the group continues to integrate with the latest biomedical research to continuously explore and develop new technologies and applications to meet the ever-changing healthcare market needs.


Automatic machinery

Developed automatic cell enrichment and staining system, single cell grabbing platform and other precision machinery, greatly reducing the time of manual operation and reducing human error.


International Certification


International recognition

In 2021, it made its debut in internationally renowned journals, and was selected as one of the top ten biotechnology start-up companies in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2023, it won the CES Innovation Award, the world's most iconic consumer electronics show award, and was brave at the RESI Conference, the world's largest biomedical forum. won the runner-up and cooperated with Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China.
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