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8. 美國最大國際消費型電子展強勢回歸
The largest international consumer electronics show in the United States



醫華生技也榮幸受邀非凡財經新聞的採訪。其醫華生技參展代表Daphne 表示「用2cc血液即可驗出罹癌風險,準確率高達8成」,不單是醫華生技先進的檢測設備與技術特色的展現,之後也將更著重在全球市場佈局及未來產業趨勢。

隨著大數據及 AI 的快速發展,各國紛紛聚焦於精準醫療的發展,而台灣的科技部,也更積極扶植生醫產業,建構精準健康體系。今年美國 CES 展場上 TTA 的新創館,就有包含醫華生技在內的許多新創亮點,受到多家新聞媒體採訪及報導。

The US CES exhibition is the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition. It has been officially exhibited in Las Vegas from January 5th to January 7th. Major manufacturers are gearing up to expose their latest products at CES. To achieve the highest eye-catching effect, CytoAurora Biotechnology certainly did not miss the opportunity this time to showcase the "liquid biopsy single cell detection platform" at the exhibition. It can be widely used to assist in rapid cancer screening, post-healing tracking and medication guidance. It has been well received A lot of attention from all walks of life.

CytoAurora Biotech is also honored to be interviewed by Feifan Financial News. Daphne, the representative of CytoAurora Biotechnology at the exhibition, said, "You can detect the risk of cancer with 2cc of blood, and the accuracy is as high as 80%." This is not only a demonstration of the advanced testing equipment and technical features of CytoAurora Biotechnology, but will also focus more on it in the future. Global market layout and future industry trends.

With the rapid development of big data and AI, countries around the world are focusing on the development of precision medicine, and Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology is also more actively supporting the biomedical industry and building a precision health system. TTA's Innovation Pavilion at this year's CES exhibition in the United States has many new innovation highlights including CytoAurora Biotech, which has been interviewed and reported by many news media.




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