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感謝國科會、工研院等單位的支持與協助,醫華生技成功進軍Medica startup technology competition 12強決賽。杜塞道夫天氣逐漸雨中轉晴,在Medica展會上,台灣綻放光芒,醫華生技成為台灣醫療科技的亮點。吸引來自歐美中的客戶、經銷商,展示了卓越的技術和創新實力。 


On a cold rainy day in Dusseldorf, we arrived at the Medica exhibition hall with our equipment, completed simple maintenance on site, and successfully launched the exhibition.

Chen Zong Cyuan,vice chairman of the National Science and Technology Council, led the way.Chuang Yao-yu, director Industrial Technology Research Institute of Biomedical and Medical Materials, and Yang Tai-hung, director of the National Science and Technology Council of Sciences Life Sciences and Development, also visited our booth.Representatives from all over the world, hospitals and research centers also visited our booth to highlight the global recognition of Medical Taiwan's technological prowess.

This exhibition is not only a demonstration of technical strength, but also an excellent opportunity to deepen international cooperation. In this cold weather, we demonstrate the enthusiasm and professionalism of medical professionals, and build more connections with professionals around the world.

Thank you for NSTC support, as well as for the assistance of ITRI, and for the support of our partners along the way, CytoAurora has successfully advanced to the final 12 of the Medica startup technology competition.Dusseldorf's weather gradually turned sunny in the rain, and at the Medica exhibition, Taiwan bloomed, and Watson Technology became the highlight of Taiwan's medical technology.Attract customers and distributors from Europe and the United States, showing outstanding technology and innovation strength.Looking forward to the future, CytoAurora will continue to work hard to bring more honor and recognition to Taiwan's biotechnology industry.

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