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25. MEDICA 2023德國醫材展
MEDICA 2023 German Medical Materials Exhibition


BIG NEWS!!! 醫華生技成功獲選國科會智慧醫療產學聯盟推動的計畫,即將前往參加MEDICA 2023德國醫材展。

MEDICA 德國醫療器材展:

每年吸引來自全球醫療保健和醫療技術產業的專家齊聚一堂展出與商洽。2022 年有來自 70 個國家,5,223 家企業參展,參觀者共有 81,000 個人參與,來自約 173 個國家,並於展會期間舉辦350 場研討會及會議,為全球指標性醫材展會。

展覽日期:2023/11/13(一)~ 2023/11/16(四)

展館地點:德國杜賽道夫展覽中心(Convention Center Düsseldorf)

CytoAurora Biotechnology was successfully selected for the project promoted by the Smart Medical Industry-Academic Alliance of the National Science Council and will soon participate in the MEDICA 2023 German Medical Materials Exhibition.

MEDICA German Medical Equipment Exhibition:

Every year it attracts experts from the global healthcare and medical technology industries to come together to exhibit and negotiate. In 2022, 5,223 companies from 70 countries will participate in the exhibition, with a total of 81,000 visitors from about 173 countries. 350 seminars and conferences will be held during the exhibition, making it a global benchmark medical materials exhibition.

Exhibition date:2023/11/13(Mon)~ 2023/11/16(Thu)

Exhibition hall location:Convention Center Düsseldorf

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