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17. 日本第七屆Liquid Biopsy 研究會
The 7th Japan Liquid Biopsy Research Conference


醫華生技於1/28在東京的Liquid Biopsy 研究會上充分論述了我們的精密技術與檢測應用,再度揚名國際、驚艷四座,突破大眾對於現有CTC技術的侷限。

*Liquid Biopsy 研究會:由「慶應大學醫學院泌尿科」主辦,並以日本多間知名醫院、醫療中心及腫瘤基因研究團隊所組成。


CytoAurora Biotechnology fully discussed our precision technology and detection applications at the Liquid Biopsy Research Conference in Tokyo on 1/28, once again becoming internationally famous and stunning, breaking through the public's limitations on existing CTC technology.

*Liquid Biopsy Research Society: Sponsored by the "Department of Urology, Keio University School of Medicine" and composed of many well-known hospitals, medical centers and tumor gene research teams in Japan.

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