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16. RESI conference勇奪亞軍
Win second place at RESI conference


一年一度的摩根大通(J.P. Morgan)醫療健康產業年會(Annual Healthcare Conference)始於1983年,是全球醫藥健康領域規模與資訊量最大的投資研討會,匯集了該領域領導者、新創公司、新興技術發明者以及投資界人士,而今年第41屆已於美國舊金山盛大進行!

其中RESI (Redefining Early Stage Investments) conference series是為了將初創企業、早期投資者和戰略渠道合作連結,並以最大限度的跨境、跨領域努力尋找適合其技術和發展階段的合作夥伴,將藥物、設備、診斷與數位醫療等串連與整合,推動及創新醫療保健領域。

這次醫華生技受到J.P. Morgan的邀請,在RESI會議上分享了我們的單細胞技術結合半導體科技,並展示出最新技術趨勢與未來發展動態,受到國際專業人士青睞,勇奪第二名的佳績。


Annual Healthcare Conferenc:

RESI Conference:

The annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (Annual Healthcare Conference), started in 1983, is the largest and most informative investment seminar in the global pharmaceutical and healthcare field, bringing together leaders and start-up companies in the field. , emerging technology inventors and investment professionals, and this year’s 41st session has been held grandly in San Francisco, USA!

Among them, the RESI (Redefining Early Stage Investments) conference series aims to connect start-ups, early-stage investors and strategic channels, and make maximum cross-border and cross-field efforts to find partners suitable for their technologies and development stages, integrating drugs, The connection and integration of equipment, diagnosis and digital medicine promotes and innovates the healthcare field.

This time, CytoAurora Biotechnology was invited by J.P. Morgan to share our single-cell technology combined with semiconductor technology at the RESI conference, and demonstrated the latest technology trends and future development trends. It was favored by international professionals and won the second place.

Annual Healthcare Conferenc:

RESI Conference:

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