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BioChips are made of semiconductor substrates combined with microfluidic technology

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Circulating Tumor Cell Capturing BioChip

  • Unique nano-on-nano structure increases the ability to capture rare cells

  • Special micro flow channel design can save reagent consumption and reduces reaction time

  • Biocompatible surface design can reduce non-specific adhesion

Automation Equipment

We made almost everything on ourself, such as design, R&D and manufacturing, etc. We adhere to use a large number of automated equipment to accelerate the accumulation of experimental data, and then optimize the product.

Cell Reveal Series

Cell Reveal is an automated equipment for rare cell enrichment. CytoAurora R&D team continues to optimize the equipment through huge clinical trials, and then successively launches highly automated, high-quality and market-compliant inspection equipment.


2017 - Cell Reveal First

2018 - Cell Reveal 2

2019 - Cell Reveal 3

2021 - Cell Reveal 5 

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​Technical Videos


Self-developed software -

the firmware required for circulating tumor analysis, blood cell grouping analysis, genetic information analysis, and related automated equipment.

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Cell Analysis Tools

Cell Analysis tool set

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