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Brand Story

​Brand Origin

A group of doctors and engineers started their business from the coffee shop

On July 15, 2015, Dr. Huang CE led his partners, worked in coffee shops in Hsinchu and Taipei during the six months of the company's establishment, and founded the "CytoAurora Biotechnology". His entrepreneurial inspiration stems from the co-founding of AzureWave Technology, and the successful IPO. After ten years of AzureWave work experience, Dr. Huang hopes to use the advantages of Taiwan’s semiconductor and electronics industries to enter and create biotechnologies that can benefit the people. Therefore, Dr. Huang establish CytoAurora Biotechnology with like-minded partners and pioneers in the medical field.

Business Philosophy

Engineer’s ambition is Huatuo's mission

Dr. Huang, the founder and CEO of CytoAurora, insisted that his biomedical career must adhere to the principle of "the magical doctor Huatuo"(a famous ancient Chinese physician), so he named it "Yihua"( combine with medicine meaning and roughly pronounced Hua-tuo in Chinese) in Chinese, hoping that CytoAurora will be the same as the Huatuo , which brings great benefits to the whole of the world.

Product Advantages

A biomedical miracle created by the semiconductor industry model

Dr. Huang and his partners both have innovative experience in research and development from the semiconductor industry. This group of people fully utilize the tenacity of "Taiwanese Scientist " and look forward to copying the successful model of Taiwan's semiconductor industry to the medical and biotechnology industry. CytoAurora Biotechnology has developed a "high accuracy and cost-effective" "liquid biopsy" fully automated system. This exclusive inspection technology is fast and safe. The result of clinical IRB projects, cooperating with many hospitals, also prove that CytoAurora have high-quality testing systems.

R & D Advantages

The strong backing of CytoAurora

We now have professional R&D team formed by a group of experts from biomedicine, electronic engineering, automation design​​, artificial intelligence and semiconductor process. This professional R&D team can actively promote strong cross-field integration capabilities. From experimental equipment, biomedical chips to artificial intelligence software, they are all independently developed by the team and continue to improve.

Our vision

Precision medicine is the goal of research progress

Our research and development goal is aimed at the '' precision medicine '' that the global biomedical community is mainstream, and its main connotation is to accurately understand the occurrence and progress of diseases. By effectively exploring the cause and effect of diseases, combining medical scientific research and cross-field technology, we make disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment more precise

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Since its establishment, CytoAurora Biotechnology has still adhered to the original purpose - to save and help people. Even if you are not a doctor, you must use the rationality and objectiveness of engineers to do the research and development in the field of precision medicine. It is to provide more precise medical services and hope to make more contributions in the field of precision medicine in the future.

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