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2023 Medica Day2


醫華生技在今天的Medica startup technology compensation中成功進軍12強決賽,我們由衷感謝國科會林冠儀科長、工研院陳慧玲業務長,以及儀科中心、工研院等多個單位的夥伴們一路以來的陪伴與期待。



As Taiwan's representative, CytoAurora has shown the world our outstanding technology and world-class innovation capabilities. At the conference, customers, research institutes and distributors from all over the world asked us for technical details and expressed their high interest.We have not only been praised by research institutions many times, but also known as one of the most outstanding and innovative technologies they have ever seen.

The final round of 12 is not only a showcase of our strength, but also a dazzling appearance of Taiwan's medical technology on the international stage.Thank you for your support. We will continue to work hard to win more honors and recognition for the development of medical technology in Taiwan.

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