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About Us

The origin of the word "CytoAurora(Yihua in Chinese)" is the founder Dr. Huang hopes that the company's products and services can emulate the spirit of "the ancient Chinese physician Huatuo", so it is named "Yihua" in Chinese.

Using biomedical technology to help people and give back to the society is the mission of the establishment of CytoAurora. Our goal is to apply the innovative biotechnology to analyze CTC and gene mutations. It’s not only for early detection and early treatment of cancer, to assist physicians in improving the survival rate of cancer treatment, but also to use our " *liquid biopsy " technology with self-developed "semiconductor biochip" and "AI assisted judgment" technologies. This technology can not only detect rare target cells in the blood, but also can be applied to gene and protein research.

*Liquid biopsy : With CytoAurora exclusive technology, only a small tube of blood (2-4 ml) can detect subtle cancer symptoms, truly early detection and prevention

Advantages of Liquid Biopsy

1. Non-invasive examination, repeatable sampling, such as cancer prognosis tracking and need long-term monitoring.

2. No side effects.

3. Compared with traditional medical imaging technology, the Liquid Biopsy, the cost is lower and the waiting time is shorter, helps patients make earlier decisions.

4. The actual clinical experimental verification evidence shows that the sensitivity and accuracy are high



CytoAurora Biotechnology was established


 Speech on Shenzhen Sanming Project Obstetrics Summit (Shenzhen, China)


  • Established CytoAurora Biotechnology Xiamen Branch( Xiamen, China)
  • Cooperated with Taiwan Instrument Research Institute to develop early screening technology for ovarian cancer


  • CytoAurora Biotechnology was awarded the "Accelerating the Biomedical Industry Innovation Project in Central China" from government

  • Cooperated with Tung's Taichung Metro Harbor Hospital for women’s cancer clinical experiment

  • Build '' Precision Molecular and Cell Testing Laboratory '' (Taichung, Taiwan)" and apply for LDTS certification from Taiwan Food and Drug Administration



CytoAurora Biotechnology moved to Zhubei Biomedical Park


  • Speech on 2018 Circulating Biomarkers World Congress (Boston, USA)

  • Cooperated with the Taiwan Adventist Hospital(TAH) to establish a '' Circulating Rare Cell and Genetic Testing Laboratory '' (2018-2021)


  • Participated in 2020 CES (Las Vegas, USA)

  • The third phase of TAcc+ Create team selected

  • CytoAurora Biotechnology was awarded the "Cross-industry Integrated Biomedicine-Leap Forward Project" from government

  • Rare Cell Capturing Machine(Cell RevealTM) developed by CytoAurora has obtained medical device certification issued by the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Taiwan

  • Cooperated with Yuan's General Hospital for liver cancer clinical experiment

Our patents: Since its establishment in 2015, CytoAurora have issued many patents in various fields such as semiconductor biochip technology and artificial intelligence assisted detection system. We insist on own technology, independent innovation, and sustainable invention.

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1. American: 2 inventions patents

2. Taiwan: 5 inventions, 1 utility model and 1 design patents

3. China: 1 invention, 3 utility model and 3 design patents

4. There are more patent applications currently in progress...

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